Billions of data-generating devices exist today, and data moves the world. The faster and more reliably data moves, the more useful it becomes, and the more valuable it becomes.

The 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s switches that predominated in copper wire environments long ago became overwhelmed and are quickly being updated, but he demands of “real time” technologies such as 5G, IoT (the Internet of Things), and the effective autonomous driving that is now close to reality will out-strip today’s data infrastructure well before this decade ends.

Data’s Future Moves With INTELDAT Fiber Optics Solutions

Decentralization for proximity purposes, migrations to 40 and 100 Gb/s servers and switches, and to 200 and 400 Gb/s uplinks is now happening at a rapid pace. INTELDAT is at the forefront of forefront these upgrade to fiber optic technology. The solutions we offer include:

  • Upgraded pre-terminated cabling and connectivity that supports strategies to minimize the time and cost of rip-out-and-replace options 
  • Ultra-high-density fiber optic patching systems featuring open or closed compact cassettes; or our proprietary solution for directly connecting LC, CS and SN pre-terminated cables, allowing port capacities up to 288 fibers/1U. Additional configuration are available according to customer requirements.
  • Proprietary and licensed WDM technology
  • Components from the most reliable names in the marketplace. Including Smartoptics, Omnitron Systems, Ekinops and others; 

INTELDAT provides all your Data Center requirements.

INTELDAT provides technology, equipment and expertise for your:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Security requirements

We know how to get you from A to B – and beyond – working with you to define current and future operational needs to design the most cost-effective configurations to serve your current and potential future needs.

  • We apply knowledge of state-of-the-future systems architecture and equipment 
  • We offer you our decades of fiber optics expertise and cooperate with you during the your data center design process
  • We produce tailor-made cable assemblies, patch panels and other components, all produced and tested to standards and norms

Data Center architecture and configuration

From scalability and migration strategies; to cabinet density and airflow; to polarity preferences and color-coding, proper planning for data center solutions requires extremely detailed analysis and specifications.

By understanding the architecture and configuration of your system, carefully taking into consideration rack-level details, and factors such as bend radii, service loops, and proper sequencing for longer cable trunks and tray runs, we determine:

Our goal is always the cleanest, most efficient installation possible.

  • The most efficient placement of equipment and servers
  • The cabling routes, lengths and terminations required
  • Types, positions and separations of fiber pathways

Our goal is always the cleanest, most efficient installation possible.  


From solutions design to systems architecture and essential components, INTELDAT can connect you with (the world) the speed of light.