INTELDAT succeeds in building on the expertise of team members, with the backing of partners who have years of experience operating a number of businesses in technical electronics disciplines.

Though our base of business is in the Czech Republic, our customers operate across all of Europe, and beyond.

INTELDAT operates a new, larger production facility, where we have installed state-of-the-art equipment for the production and testing of our optimum-quality fiber optics equipment. It is here that we design and build components and systems to the precise specifications provided by our clients.

We produce using only the highest quality system components, cable, and connectors, avoiding the less-expensive but far less reliable materials and products found in off-the-shelf e-shops and from many other providers.

Our production facility is located approximately 7 kilometers outside of Prague, on the edge of the quiet Popovičky countryside and industrial zone of Modletice. To facilitate meeting with our clients and vendors partners, we maintain a small satellite office in the center of Prague.

Connect your success with INTELDAT fiber optic systems and components.